Forum Terms of Service

Semper Fi Web Design believes that a good message board is the heart of a good web site, and as such, the staff at is unwilling to tolerate garbage posts, trash-talking, solicitations, personal attacks, and profanity on these message boards. You may have been to other boards where the board was allowed to be cluttered up with offensive garbage, but you’ll find that at, this is not allowed.

When using these message boards, the following behavior/posts are prohibited:

-Personal attacks or insults on ANYONE

-Material which defames (slanders), abuses or threatens others.

-Statements that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.

-Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them. (This includes GPL violations)

-Posts with the sole intent of eliciting negative responses (flaming).

-Rumors concerning the private lives of posters or other persons, when such knowledge is not public record. This includes a person’s academic, vocational, financial status and other private matters that should not be discussed in a public forum.

-Baseless criticisms. Constructively critiquing an application’s features is acceptable, but general criticism of applications, organizations, or persons will not be tolerated, particularly individual persons.

-Excessive numbers of posts. If you’re “living” on the forum, posting every 2-3 minutes, and getting in heated discussions with numerous other posters, this will be considered a violation of the board Terms of Service.

-Repeated “pot-stirring,” or always being the center of controversy on the forums. If you post in a fashion that otherwise abides by the terms of service, but which continually raises the ire of the message board community, this may be considered a violation of the board Terms of Service.

-Unauthorized copyrighted material, including such items as scans of copyrighted material or posts of subscription-based web articles/forums.

-Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images, including posting vulgar words with characters such as $ or * substituted for strategic letters (examples: a$$ or @ss, s**t, etc. are prohibited). Also prohibited are abbreviations of vulgar words or phrases, such as WTF.

-Religious profanities will not be tolerated, such as taking the lord’s name in vain.
-Posts containing embedded pictures that are pornographic in nature, or links to pornographic web sites. Other sexually suggestive pictures and links to inappropriate web sites may also be deleted.

-Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation. This includes links to commercial web sites posted by individuals who are affiliated with said web site and are seeking to direct traffic to their web site from this message board (i.e., “spamming the message board”). If in doubt as to whether or not your post is a solicitation or “spam,” please email the staff for clarification.

-Links to websites in footer or content of post, when link is not required for the discussion.

-Posts or posting habits which are otherwise deemed inappropriate by the staff at

-“Bumping” a thread. This is considered spamming and actually reduces the chances the topic will be addressed.

-Posting in a thread of an unrelated topic (hijacking).

Note that Automattic, WP Tavern, Weblogtoolscollection reps and members may use this forum to promote contests, raffles, etc., but please communicate with staff the nature of your postings before doing so.

Statements or postings which violate the above terms will be deleted upon discovery. Users who violate these Terms of Service may or may not receive a warning.
Depending on the severity and frequent occurrences of violations, the user may lose his account temporarily or permanently. Account suspensions are at the sole discretion of the staff.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed. Users who have their account deactivated and then re-register for a new account will have the new account deactivated. Re-registrations must first be approved by our staff.

Any user posting on the message boards is implicitly agreeing to these rules, regardless of whether they have been read or not.

Lastly, what the staff says is what goes. On the board, you can recognize staff by the (Admin) designation that appears after their post name. Our priority is running a message board system that WordPress and Linux fans can use and enjoy.