All in One SEO Pack Must be Configured

At the start of the weekend, we released the 1.6.x version of All in One SEO Pack.  This is a major upgrade, with numerous improvements, bugfixes, feature enhancements, and increased functionality.  This version is months in the making, with the last month or so dedicated almost completely to testing, with dozens of volunteers from around the world participating.  Thank you to all the beta testers.

So far (three days), All in One SEO Pack 1.6.x has been downloaded approximately 55,000 times.  Of these, almost all of the upgrades/installs have gone flawlessly.  A few people have had questions about exactly what to do for this upgrade.  When you first activate the new version, you’ll see a message to let you know that All in One SEO Pack Must be Configured.  All in One SEO Pack must be configuredDon’t worry, this is normal.  Everyone sees this.  When you activate the plugin from the plugin management page in WordPress, you’ll see this message, letting you know to go to the All in One SEO Pack options page.  When you go to the options page for the SEO plugin, configure the plugin however you like (or leave the default or old options) and select the enable radio button option.  Enable All in One SEO PackThen click the update settings button.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you’ll see one or two more buttons.  Upgrading All in One SEO PackWhat’s happening here is that the data that AIOSEOP has created in your database needs to be migrated.  Version 1.6 and above use a more efficient method of storing and retrieving data.  We could of course just had this migration script run automatically, and saved your the trouble of clicking two buttons, but we felt that this way gave you complete control, and gives you another opportunity to back up your database (just in case).

The first button refers to the All in One SEO Pack meta data (title, description, keywords, etc) for your posts/pages.  If you’ve never set any of this data, you won’t see the button.  If you don’t click the button, the data remains untouched and readable by only older versions of the plugin.  No non-AIOSEOP WordPress data will be touched at all by clicking this button.

The second button refers to your All in One SEO Pack configuration options on its settings page.  Just like with the previous button, if you don’t click it, the data remains untouched, and readable only by previous versions of the plugin.  Clicking the button migrates this data into the new format.

A lot of time and effort has gone into developing this plugin, including this huge upgrade.  If you’ve enjoyed using All in One SEO Pack or any of my other plugins, please consider making a donation.  If you’d like to keep up with my updates, subscribe to the RSS feed for Semper Fi Web Design,, and follow me on twitter at

Thanks to onefinejay for his great tutorial and the use of his images.