All in One SEO Pack Backwards Compatibility

All in One SEO Pack currently supports quite a number of older versions of WordPress.  This isn’t necessarily a pain to keep up, but does require extra code as well as additional testing.  Potentially even more significant are the security implications.  Justin Tadlock wrote an insightful post about whether plugins and theme authors should force users to upgrade.  It would be helpful if Automattic would release stats of which versions of which plugins are running on which versions of WordPress.  Short of that, I only know from experience of seeing All in One SEO Pack installed on older versions occasionally, and sometimes even on extremely old versions.

What are your thoughts?  Should All in One SEO Pack continue to support outdated versions of WordPress for people who don’t upgrade for whatever reason?  Should explicit support be dropped, in favor of better functionality, less development time, lighter code?

Vote your opinion and voice your opinion on the linked forum thread.

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