All in One SEO Pack Pro version 2.1 released today

Semper Fi Web Design is pleased to announce the release of All in One SEO Pack Pro version 2.1 today.
This is the latest version of our popular SEO plugin and adds even more improvements to this great plugin.  Here is a list of the new features in All in One SEO Pack Pro v2.1:

  • NEW Social Meta module – control how social media sites view your site
  • NEW Search results preview – see how Google will display your entry in search results
  • NEW No Index on pages and posts – control the No Index meta tag for individual pages and posts
  • NEW No Follow on pages and posts – control the No Follow meta tag for individual pages and posts
  • NEW Exclude individual pages and posts from your XML Sitemap
  • NEW Google, Bing and Pinterest webmaster tools verification
  • NEW Import / Export module – export and import your All in One SEO Pack settings
  • NEW All in One SEO Pack in now on the Admin Bar for easy access

All in One SEO Pack Pro v2.1 improves on the most popular WordPress SEO plugin.  Not only can you set site-wide defaults in WordPress as well as customize the search engine settings for each individual WordPress post, page and custom post type but now you can manage exactly how search engines crawl each page or post.  All in One SEO Pack Pro even gives you complete control over your social meta or OpenGraph meta so you can control what appears on your favorite social media sites.

Upgrade to All in One SEO Pack Pro today so you can start improving your search engine results right away!

Steve has over 25 years of project management and service delivery experience. He started his career in defense communications before moving to the British Ministry of Defence where he worked for the British Army. For the past 15 years, Steve has worked in IT, managing large projects and enterprise clients. Recently he has worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses helping them to meet the needs of their growing client base. A recent immigrant from England, he brings some international flavor to the team.

41 comments on “All in One SEO Pack Pro version 2.1 released today
  1. Brad Tatum says:

    This is my favorite plugin. It’s the best money I ever spent on my WordPress site.
    When does the file manager feature come out?

  2. Yiety says:

    Here’s what I have to say:

    Why is the new 2.0 version showing between Dashboard and Posts???????????????????

    Developer, are you like…. mental or something?

    Who would want a plugin to be placed before the Posts in the Navigation Bar??? What if all plugins would do the same thing, how would the freaking Navigation bar look then??? Like a complete mess!

    Release a new update ASAP and put AIOSEO back to where it belongs, back to Settings!

    OMG!!!! I can’t even believe this crossed your mind, let alone do it……… A plugin on top of Posts in the Navigation Bar, OMG!

    I’ve downgraded to the previous version almost instantly when I saw this!

  3. CodeMe says:

    Thank you for the New Update Bro.

    Keep up the Great Work & Thanks again

    Love the New Features.

  4. Brian Jackson says:

    Great update! Finally a preview for post page 🙂
    I do agree though with Yiety, I would prefer that the plugin was still located in Settings.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Mark Blair says:

    Thank you for the update and the time you’ve put in on this plugin. I am excited to dig into it. While I can understand the interface move to the admin bar, I’d like to chime in with Yiety and Brian as to the placement.

    For good everyday usability, the admin bar needs to be ordered by priority in terms of workflow. It is hard to make a case that the priority of this plugin supersedes Posts/Media/Pages/Comments.

    If you were to reduce the priority of the plugin on the admin bar in a future update it would be much appreciated.

  6. Ibrahim Ali Hamad says:

    thank u for this great update 🙂
    I really like it ^_^

  7. Moishe Friedman says:

    Sorry to say, but the update–so far–is not working.

    Hootsuite is not picking up your excerpts, so I’m getting messy excerpt texts. Today the “featured photo” isn’t coming through to Hootsuite either.

    I can’t tell if this is due to an interaction with another plugin, or what, but I would love to have the previous version back. It worked.

    And I love love love your work. But this version is sadly not functioning as well as the previous version.

    All in all though, keep up the good work, and yeah, having the plugin up top is messy. That was also better before.

    But, thank you for your work, and I am sure you’ll work all of this out.

    • Moishe Friedman says:

      I spoke too soon, it’s working now.

      I think I had to post the above first (before it would work), just so the universe could remind me that I sometimes speak too hastily.


      Thanks again!

  8. 雨印雨音 says:

    As I updated to this version 2.1, I found that IF I want to see author’s posts, it cannot format to be [ %author% | %blog_title% ] but just [ | %blog_title%]. I hope I could explain it clearly to you for my English is so-so. Thank you,sir! 🙂

  9. Carl says:

    I just was looking for a way to thank you for the plugin. I don’t care where you put it in the menu bar, my cursor is swift and sure. But if you put people off with the placement, adoption might decrease.

  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone. We’ll release an update soon that lets the menu item be moved down for those that need it.

  11. Mark Blair says:

    That’s wonderful Steve! Thanks again for all the great work on the update!

  12. Rob says:

    OK it seems you guys are talking tecky stuff
    I have Installed and activated my All in One SEO Pack 2.0 the instructions i an following tell that it is not only important to activate but you must enable but for the life of me i have scrolled up and down the config page and cannot see anywhere that says “ENABLE PLUGIN”

    can you advise please

  13. Hi Rob,

    The Activate link appears when you go through the install process on the Plugins screen. You have to activate All in One SEO Pack just like you activate all other plugins. There is no separate enable button.

    I hope this helps.

  14. WordPress Marketing & SEO says:

    Hello, thanks for the new features and fixes! Just a simple question: does the development of the Pro version go in parallel with the free version or is it totally separated? Thanks!

    • The development of All in One SEO Pack and All in One SEO Pack Pro are done in tandem but All in One SEO Pack Pro typically has some additional features which have not been released in the free version. Of course All in One SEO Pack Pro also comes with access to our Premium Support Forums where we endeavor to provide the best support to our customers.

  15. Leadgenix says:

    Thanks for the update and info! It’s greatly appreciated!

  16. Mark Blair says:

    Thanks for the new menu options!

  17. Kenny says:

    Hello. With your new update i have realy big problem with my web title. Now on homepage shows like that: “”: “Keywords”. Its shit! Should be like that: “Keywords” – “”. Like always! Any ideas how to fix it?

  18. Conny says:

    Hi, great plug-in overall but i have a question i really need an answer on.

    After the latest update on the 22th of april, i had a drastic drop in affiliate earnings.

    It wasn’t untill today i stubble upon what i suspect is the problem.
    turns out something has changed the ampersand in all my in-post affiliate textlinks. Turns out all the ampersands whent from “&” to “&”, then i stubbled upon the fact that the latest update for the plugin was in fact 22th.

    Is this something you could shed a light on? Is it something you’ve heard before and is it your plugin-update that could have caused this?

  19. Conny says:

    woops, the previous comment was meant to say “whent from & to & amp ; (the html for ampersand).

  20. CD says:

    Something is wrong… the permalink structure for my posts is being overwritten by the plugin and instead of it being
    it is now
    WP permalink settings are where they should be and everything was running fine until I updated this plugin.

  21. This is one a great plugin for any WordPress user. I haven’t had any issues using the All in One SEO Pack. Thank you for continuing to update!

  22. SEO Firm Arizona - BMD Media says:

    That is great news you have been shared.
    Thanks a lots…!!!!

  23. Satender Rajput says:

    Sir, actually i am the user of seo yoast but i want to export my seo plugin into all in one seo pack how can i export my plugin

  24. Vocal Power says:

    Hi there

    I can’t seem to get the Google site verification to work via the interface! I have copies just the code from the Meta tag and pasted it in but the verification keeps failing. Aargh!

    Please advise 🙂

  25. WillamiP says:

    Well, I have been using AIO SEO 1.x versions so I am very very scared of upgrading to the 2.1 onwards. The price of damage from an SEO plugin breaking my iPhone site is scary, especially since the iPhone 6 is coming out and visitors will be coming to my site to know about the latest iPhone 6 prices. I need my site to be up and running.

    I just upgraded my site to WordPress 3.9.1 and have all the plugins disabled. Should I upgrade my Version to 2.2 first before I activate it or should I remove the old version completely? I have a screenshot of my old settings already. Will the settings remain?

    • Hi Willam,

      You should always take a backup of your site before updating anything. We recommend using the BackupBuddy plugin but there are others available. Once you’ve taken a backup of your site you can safely update All in One SEO Pack by clicking the Update link under Plugins.

  26. Jual Sextoys Murah says:

    I am still confused how to create an xml sitemap using the plugin all in one seo pack

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