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4 comments on “All-in-One-SEO-Pack-Feature-Manager
  1. rohit marathe says:

    i have been using the free version and i’m well satisfied but i will try this version also can you tell me the price for it.

    • Nina Gerrero says:

      Hi Rohit,

      The price of the Pro version of All in One SEO Pack Pro is $39.00. This is a 1-time fee. You then have the option of purchasing a Support and Updates Subscription and can choose from 3 different payment plans; $10.00/month, $35.00 every 6 months, or $49.00/year. You will be charged the first payment of whichever plan you choose 7 days after you purchase the plugin. You can find information about our pricing on our site here:


  2. hedamichel says:

    can you give me the tutorial to used the featured manager in All in Seo pack please…

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