CForms II removed from repository

If you check out, you’ll notice that one popular plugin is missing.
According to, the home of CForms, they’ve removed the plugin for licensing reasons.

The plugin’s creator, Oliver, doesn’t want his plugin to be GPL-compatible, a requirement of officially hosted WordPress plugins (and technically a requirement of all plugins to GNU-GPL software). According to his website, development has likely ended.

cforms removed repository

On the one hand, the repository is now rid of a non-GPL compatible plugin, which is mandated by Matt Mullenweg, as it should be. On the other hand, this is an extremely popular plugin, and is very powerful, so the community may be at a loss.

There are several other contact form plugins, and of course you can just right your own. However, this was by far, the easiest for non-technical users to operate, and the most flexible.

What do you think?  Should someone take over the development or create a fork so that the community still has this plugin available and further development/support will happen?

In the meantime, we will host it here until further notice.


(Edit: the download link has been removed, as there is a better contact form plugin to use now that is both GPL and kept up to date.)