Make my site rank #1 in Google

A good Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategy takes time, money and commitment.

We have people asking us all the time for advice and suggestions on how to make their web site place higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t a one-size fits-all solution. If this were the case, then everybody would be #1 in the search engine rankings.

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes down to content (text) and structure (code).

When we have a client at Semper Fi Web Design for custom website design, we ask a lot of very direct and targeted questions, and then reserve the answers for a later point during the discussion (as well as for the overall development of the website).

The first consultation we have with a client often gives us most of the information we require to develope an effective primary Search Engine Strategy. Notice I said “initial”. Remember, search engines periodically change their algorithms which determine your ranking, new web sites spring up to provide yours with competition, and like everything else in life, things will change. Search Engine position monitoring is quickly becoming one of our most often requested services which we provide relative to search engine optimization and marketing.

Please be aware that absolutely no website development company in the world can guarantee you a #1 placement in the organic listings of Google. There is only one company who can offer that particular guarantee: Google. There seems to be a trend developing in this industry where web site developers and SEO companies are soliciting (read: spamming) people through email promising #1 position in Google for as little as $39 per month. Be warned: this is 100% a scam.

*Please Note* – There are exactly two areas in Google for listing areas in the Google Search Engine Result Pages or SERPS.

Paid Advertisments: These are advertisers who bid against one other in order to rank more highly for specific search keywords. Anyone can actually do this (for a price), but most business owners and web site managers have neither the time nor the patience to learn the finer points of Google Adwords Management. So of course they employ people like us to manage their Google Adwords account. This certainly can potentially be extremely costly to do on your own if you don’t understand what you are doing and have experience.

Google Paid Listings

Free (Organic) Results: These are free listings. Google uses an advanced, proprietary and constantly changing and evolving algorithm to rank web pages. Its results are shown according to how Google search engine users specifically type their queries.

Google Free Listings

To determine the display order of search engine results, the greatly rely on the actual text utilized on your site, the specific structure of the code behind the scenes of your website, how much trust you’ve built with Google for your site website, the quantity of other relevant websites linking to you, how long your domain has been registered, and much more.

There are many sites that are quite a bit harder to make successful simply because of their specific subject matter or because of competition in their specific market. For instance, say you wish to offer a product with a great deal of competition, then certainly you’ll find it much more challenging to rank #1 in Google for the exact search engine keywords and phrases you want than, say, if you were to create a very unique niche product or service.

A old, stale site with outdated content will certainly turn your customers away!

I’ve seen too many clients waste their hard-earned dollars on a site with many applications and features such as a blog, news section, newsletter, calendar of events, inventory manager, ecommerce store and many other features and then not even use them.

Not using technology inside your site is almost as useless as not having a website in the first place. Having an old, stale site with outdated content ensures that your potential customers never become actual clients.

The team here at Semper Fi Web Design developed a solution to this problem a couple years ago. We begin to offer web site content updates and prompts for content from some our clients who needed assistance. Not surprisingly, this worked!

At first, some of our clients were of course skeptical due to the cost, however, we have numerous examples and case studies where search engine traffic has doubled and at times tripled from a very few key adjustments and content changes, resulting from our customized and client specific analytics monitoring and having our Marketing Director involved in decision making for strategic content areas within the site.

This service, along with our other services, which includes constant interaction with our customers has made Semper Fi Web Design the premier custom website development company in the State of North Carolina and across North America. Once you’ve experienced our extremely high level of support, and attention to detail, we’re certain that you’ll never need another web services company again.

Remember, it’s not just about websites, it’s about relationships.

All web design and web development proposals include QA/QC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), free training, 30 days of free maintenance changes that do not increase the scope of the project and unlimited free technical support.

If you are looking for a dedicated team of website design professionals, look no further, contact Semper Fi Web Design today for a free website design or SEO quote or call us at 919-809-6898.