Search Engine Traffic and Website Conversion

Search Engine Optimization CubesOne of our SEO clients recently contacted us, asking why (keep in mind we’ve performed SEO and SEM for his site for 5 months with a dramatic increase in traffic) he wasn’t getting many inquiries and conversions. His issue was that he was paying us, but didn’t seem to be getting a return on that investment.

My response was the essentially unchanged from what it had been the initial phone conversation, the day I drove over to his office to meet with him in person, and the majority of the times we’ve been in contact since. His site (which was outsourced to another developer) was absolutely NOT built to get conversions. This means that visitors were coming to the site (which is what he was paying me for) but were not doing much of anything once they got there.

It’s simply not enough to get traffic, you certainly have to do something to get that traffic to take action that will give you the lead and/or the sale!

Despite the fact that our client specifically didn’t hire us to do an overhaul of his website that would help with conversions, I’m a nice person. And I truly want him to see (and get) the great value we’re providing. I simply added a contact form and phone number to his side.

WOW! Literally overnight, solid leads began flooding his email inbox, and in the two weeks since we addedSEO Business Graph the web forms, he’s now decided to seek our assistance in revamping his site. We have long since passed his goal of the number of weekly targeted leads he desired from his website, however we still have a few weeks to go on our contract retainer, and will be seeing even more as we continue to bring in more traffic.

What did we do? Simply found great, highly targeted keywords, optimized his site extremely well on page, started building links, and added a few forms. He went from a website that simply “existed” to one that delivers very high quality leads right to his inbox.

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