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Images in Posts and Pages: Using WordPress Media Library

One of the features within WordPress I get asked about most is the Media Library. Specifically how to attach and use images within a blog post or web page. Unfortunately it is also one of the areas with the poorest documentation. Here I’ll discuss what I’ve learnt in the hope that you’ll find it useful.

WordPress – An essential small business tool

WordPress is not just for bloggers. Many well-known and very successful companies use it. So why wouldn’t you use it for your small business? In this article I discuss why WordPress makes sense for any small business owner who wants a presence on the web.

WordCamp Savannah – Great city, great WordCamp

WordCamp Savannah, held this past weekend, was the 6th WordCamp that the Semper Fi Web Design team has attended this year. Previous WordCamps include Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Raleigh (of course), and Chicago. Each one was enjoyable not just for the WordCamp itself but also for the location and the people I have met.



For everyone who attended this year’s WordCamp, thank you for helping to make it a huge success! For those who weren’t able to make it to WordCamp Raleigh 2010, we had an amazing lineup of speakers, over 260 attendees, and

Setting up a WordPress development environment on your hosted server

If you are running WordPress but you don’t do your development and testing on a separate development copy then this article is for you. This, the second in a series of articles on WordPress security, will discuss how to set

Setting up a local WordPress development environment

This is the first in a series of How To articles that take you through the steps you should follow to ensure you have a stable and secure WordPress platform. In this article I am going to discuss the steps you should follow to set up a local instance of WordPress for development and testing.

WordCamp Raleigh 2010

For those of you who haven’t heard, WordCamp is coming to Raleigh in May. The inaugural event of WordCamp Raleigh has been scheduled for Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May and will be held at the Raleigh Sheraton Hotel in

All in One SEO Pack Backwards Compatibility

All in One SEO Pack currently supports quite a number of older versions of WordPress.  This isn’t necessarily a pain to keep up, but does require extra code as well as additional testing.  Potentially even more significant are the security

Media Temple Hacked

Earlier today, or a few weeks ago, depending on the Media Temple representative you talk to, it’s become known that someone hacked Media Temple.  They’ve tried blaming it on WordPress, old passwords, outdated/inadequate security measures… In the meantime, you may

Why we all have to enable All in One SEO Pack with each update

Plugin developers always have to contend with questions that start with “why.” It’s no different here, with All In One SEO Pack, and I’m here to give everyone a small peek into the decision-making process that goes into why the