Change WordPress database table name prefix

**Do not do this unless you are comfortable with PHPMyAdmin and making changes to MySQL – if not, ask someone to do it for you

**Back up your database

For some people the database table name prefix changing functionality of WP Security Scan doesn’t work. In that case you may use the following instructions to change it manually.

1. backup your wordpress database to a sql file (you can use phpmyadmin)
2. open that *.sql file (make another copy first) using text editor, then find and replace all “wp_” prefix to “something_”.
3. now, drop all tables of your wordpress databases (don’t drop the database)
4. import the *.sql file which has been edited before into your wordpress databases.
5. and lastly, edit your wp-config.php file and change the $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; to $table_prefix = ‘something_’;
6. you may find that your plugins are deactivated automatically when this happens, so you’ll want to activate them again if that’s the case… I’d recommend deactivating them prior to doing this anyway as a precaution.